How we're organized


The primary source of verified information from all parties.

This is where we get new leads on suppliers for medical supplies or raw materials for DIY efforts. This is also where major progress updates are made to boost the morale of everyone within Backliners PH


Fabrication, improvements on thedesign, and dispatching of any items that the group has identified as DIY-able.

So far this has included FaceShields made out 3D printed plastic, upcycled school supplies and laminates,and Aerosol Boxes that are being fabricated at a partner facility at zeromanpower cost, Red Dot Design Inc.


The group dedicated primarily tothe overall operations, including: procurement, inventory management, volunteer coordination, dispatching, and solicitation.


The team with the responsibility of maintaining transparent communication as the efforts happen. This is to help reassure current and prospective donors that their charitable gestures are going towards the right causes.