An Introduction

  • Awareness, fundraising, procurement, DIY, and fabrication of medical supplies for out-of-reach and overloaded facilities.
  • Collaboration with database groups to streamline and assure equal distribution of medical supplies and other items (food, blankets)
  • Provide free resource for consultation using our network of volunteers.

We are individuals from various industries in the private sector that have grouped ourselves informally to help in the fight against Covid-19.

We started off simple enough. As mall group of friends pooling funds together and making a purchase of medical supplies to donate to some medical and life caring facilities. We playfully started calling our initiative #ProjectTiktok, in the hopes of also injecting some light hearted humor in these very dark times.

This effort has since scaled since our first batch of supplies went out. We are now comprised of 15 individuals and have self-organized our group into multiple fronts.

We have since renamed our project BACKLINERS PH to better capture our goal of providing support to the ones who take the fight against Covid-19, our frontliners.

Our Progress So Far

Ph 1,131,037.23

In total cash donations

The donations raised goes into the purchase of fairly priced medical supplies and raw materials for DIY items. This also allows us to invest into the safety gear of our volunteer riders, as well as as mall token for their service.


piecesof food items and medical supplies delivered


hospitals, care facilities and communities across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


Surgical and N95 Masks






Aerosol Boxes




Pairsof Shoe Covers




Food Items




As of May 2, 2020

The Projects

Aerosol Boxes

The first batch of aerosol boxes have already been delivered and more are on the way to various hospitals in and outside of Manila.

With the help of groups like Aerosol Box PH we now able to streamline distribution by aligning with the rest of the volunteer groups that have a focus on the creation of these boxes.

Our boxes are designed and fabricated by Red Dot Design Inc

Face shields

The materials needed to make these face shields are easily sourced from bookstores and supply stores. We have alsoemployed the use of 3D printers to create the frame, c/o some volunteers.

Supplies that are needed will be bought using funds from the raised donations.

The assembly of these face shields will still be done c/o a few kind volunteers from MU Sigma Sorority and Fraternity of UPCM and local crafters from Ortigas.

medical supplies

Since the very beginning we have only made medical supply purchases from our friends in Phil Medical Supplies.

They have maintained their very fair prices for us and the rest of the medical institutions they cater to.

We continue to source more from various suppliers but paying close attention to price points as we do not want to condone bad business practices such as unjust profiteering in this pandemic.

delivery & logistics

We have been utilizing several riders that are employed by one our volunteers for her food delivery service, while still making sure that the riders voluntarily take on the deliveries.

We are now in the process of using a truck to deliver the aerosol boxes to hospitals and a designated drop off point.

We are able to do this with the assistance of Mu relief through the Mu Sigma Phi Foundation. They secured a letter allowing the drivers to safely pass through checkpoints to deliver medical supplies.

Food Supplies

A relatively new initiative for Backliners is to help get food to hospitalsthat have reported cases of food delivery services refusing to bring food tothese institutions. An equally important beneficiary of this effort are themarginalized. The goal is to be able to consistently send out food supplies tothe various low-income communities as well.

Our Partners